Play with emojis to learn words in new languages

EmojiStone* is part language toy, part vocabulary tool. It’s a fun and intuitive platform that helps people of all ages connect meanings and words with the universal language—emojis!

A new way of learning

EmojiStone explores learning through play and experimentation. You don’t need any background to get started, just trust your intuition to make meaningful connections between the language you want to learn and the symbols that surround us!

Improve your elemental skills

Type “nuvola” and you’re learning Italian. Hear the phrase “carro de compras” and choose which of four emojis matches, or try speaking it yourself and nail that pronunciation. The experience is fully customizable!

Learn words from 5 different languages






The universal language

Emojis represent meanings regardless of language—no matter our culture, we all know them and use them every day. Fun for the youngest and most experienced alike, EmojiStone will help you expand your vocabulary in a new language.

*if you’re wondering about our name, it’s a pun about the Rosetta Stone – an archaeological find that served as the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs.